Wheel Alignment Check

Wheel alignment is not a complicated procedure, but the correct tools and measuring equipment must be used in order to finish the job. There are several factors that come into effect to make sure all of the wheels are aligned properly. When the wheels are well-aligned the car can have a smooth ride and fuel economy is maximized.

Front wheel alignment is essential for your vehicle. There are many geometrics that come into factor when making the adjustments. Toe in and toe out are what helps control the steering or turning of the vehicle. This is where the front tires are either pointing inwards towards each other (pigeon foot) or toe out is when the tires are both pointing outwards. These differences is what causes the “cupping” wear on tires.

Caster and camber are the vertical directions that the tire points. Caster is when the bottom of the tire sticks out further than the top (like casters on some furniture). Camber is when the tires stick out further at the top of the tire than the bottom. These adjustments keep the tire from having excessive wear on either the inside or the outside of the tire.

Most cars nowadays have adjustments for both the front and rear wheels. Precise equipment are needed to make these adjustments. Proper alignment assures a smooth ride and correct tire wear. When your tires are aligned accordingly they will have a long lifetime. The vehicle also handles better.

When everything is in place, the wet and the dry handling is at its max. Feeling safer in your car knowing that everything is in order, is always a good feeling when driving in rough conditions. When your vehicle is serviced by a qualified technician, you can get around knowing that your car is in good working order. Get in contact with your local specialist for any alignment services that you may need.

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