Tires Repair

Getting to Know Your Tires

Understanding how to choose the proper tire size for your vehicle is not that difficult. First and foremost it is recommended that you follow the manufacturers recommendations. Most passenger vehicles and light trucks have this information either on the drivers door or the "B" pillar.

Tire Type

The first letter (P) indicates that the tire is manufactured to a specific standard for use in certain countries like the US and some European countries. The "P" stands for passenger vehicle. If there is no letter or letters than it is more than likely a Euro metric tire. In general P-Metric and Euro-Metric tires have different load ratings.

"LT" at the beginning indicates that the tire is made for light truck duties. These tires usually have a higher inflation pressure. This is because of the higher load rating.

Tire Width

The first three digit numbers is the measurement of the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. This measurement is in millimeters. In other words, if the numbers are 225, that means that the tire is 225 millimeters wide.

Aspect Ratio

The next two numbers after the slash are the aspect ratio. This is the height of the tire in relation to the width. If the next numbers are for example 65, this means that the height of the sidewall is 65% of the width of the tire. The greater the number, the taller the tire will be.

Tire Construction

Modern tires will have an "R". This is for radial construction. The layers of the tire run radially across thee tire.

Wheel Diameter

The following numbers indicate the wheel (or rim) size that the tire should be mounted on.

Speed Rating is the speed that the tire is rated for. An example would be if there is an "H" the tire is safe to operate at speeds up to 130 MPH. Legacy Automotive does not condone driving at speeds above the posted speed limit.

Traction Grade indicates the wet traction under controlled tests. A rating of "AA" offers incredible traction on wet roads.

Temperature Grade indicates how well the tire will dissipate the heat that a tire generates during normal driving circumstances. An "A" grade can comfortably operate at speeds over 115 MPH.

Legacy Automotive can assist you in selecting the proper tire size and rating for your vehicle. Come on in and one of our technicians can help with whatever you need for your vehicle.

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