Boulder’s Subaru Experts

Legacy Automotive owner Josh Gough knew he wanted to create a shop that would service the top-selling car brand in his area: Subaru.

Subaru’s have been Colorado’s hottest car for several years running. Specifically, the Subaru Outback beats out other Subaru models for popularity in sales.

Subaru owners have an unspoken language with each other to communicate the reason why they love this vehicle brand so much.

Not only are Subarus incredibly reliable winter weather cars with their symmetrical AWD features and low center of gravity, they also rank high on safety as well. (For a list of the safest cars to buy and to see where Subaru ranks, click here)

2020 Subaru Outback

Legacy Automotive Boulder is proud to have a great reputation in our community. We believe this is shown by our customers who continue to bring their vehicles to our shop for repairs and maintenance.

Legacy Automotive employs qualified and knowledgable individuals who pride themselves in their automotive expertise. While we have accomplished many great things as a shop family, Legacy Automotive is proud to now be the best dealer alternative for Subaru maintenance and repair in the Boulder, Golden, Denver, and Longmont areas. 

Why should you choose to go to a local dealer alternative?

Here are a few great reasons to choose local over big brand:

  • At Legacy Automotive, we offer our 36/36 warranty on any vehicles we service.

  • While we can’t guarantee lower pricing, local shops are usually cheaper and more cost-effective on average than the dealer.

  • Our reputation is on the line! We want to be your chosen local dealer and we work hard to ensure repairs are done properly and build a great relationship with our customers.

  • Legacy Automotive uses the same type of diagnostic equipment has access to the same repair information as the dealer.

  • Most dealerships only offer OE’s…Original Equipment. Simply put, they will only put on parts from the manufacturer thus costing the customer more money. At Legacy Automotive, we offer our customers different options on their parts so you can make the choice.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness

Local Shops like Legacy Automotive also offer customizations that dealerships do not. And we know in Colorado, there are definitely some awesome customized Subarus driving around!

If you’re looking to do a specific customization to your Subaru, Legacy Automotive and our Subaru experts are ready for the job. Please speak to one of our technicians on custom specifications such as parts and kits.

If you have questions on what it means for Legacy Automotive to be a Subaru dealer alternative, just ask! We’re happy to answer your questions, explain our process, and give you peace of mind while we work on your vehicle.

Legacy Automotive makes it a goal to be transparent with customers and allow you into our process and never hide behind our bay doors. We strive to be open and honest with our customers.

We love what we do at Legacy Automotive Boulder!


If you have more questions about being a Subaru Dealer Alternative, feel free to fill out our contact form and we will answer your questions as soon as possible! Our goal at Legacy Automotive is to help car owners make the best decisions for your vehicle, your safety, and your wallet.